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Packing Quality Control:

For full container orders, normally we use not closed wooden crates because full container is much safer and better to control the risk. For loose container orders, normally we use full closed solid wood crates or plywood crates in order to make sure the crates are strong enough. Because  during the long transportation  by sea, stone carvings are very fragile, if the packing is not good enough, it is very easy to occur breakage or damage, so we are very careful about  our packages a lot, you can also see our packages in our website.

About us

Wonderful Stone (China) Trade Co., Limited is one of the leading exporters in China. Our factory was established in 1995, we are a professional manufacturer to produce western style of carvings. Our factory is located in Quyang city, Hebei Province in China, which is a very famous city for western style carvings

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Add: DongHuan Crossing, DingLong Road,Qu
Yang City, Hebei Province, China 
tel:+0086 592-6080630
Whatsapp:+0086 134 5926 9639


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